For Honor


The player with higher rank is responsible for adding the opposing player, inviting the opposing player, and selecting the correct match settings.
If players are having issues inviting each other, restart and try again.

Game Mode: Duel 1v1
Maps Selection: The Pit, The Sanctuary, The Ring.
All characters are allowed
Best of 5 rounds.
(Finals and match for 3rd place are Best of 7 rounds.)

Auto Add Bots = Off
Default Bot Ranking = Auto
Rounds to Win = Best of 5 rounds
Round Timer = 5 minutes
Gear stats = off
Renown = Feats Disabled
Damage = Normal

After your duel is finished do not forget to save the record of your full match for further review. Matches without recorded results won’t be accepted.
(Note that after you sent your video to us, it might be in some cases posted on social medias.)

If you have any question please feel free to ask via our e-mail address.